Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wealth Course for the Filipinos

Learn the core values of the wealthy and rich class and how YOU too can achieve your dreams!

Wealth Course™ for the Filipinos is a financial education program that aims to contribute to spreading financial education for Filipinos in the Philippines and in abroad.

The program is a 3-module course with the following outline:

Module 1 - Awareness, Discover your Limiting Belief about Wealth
Module 2 - Understanding the sources of limiting beliefs
Module 3 - Reconditioning, Reprogram your Money Operating System

Each module runs for 3 hours in a Focused-Group-Discussion style.

What you will learn from the Program

¶ How does a millionaire mind think
¶ The attitudes of rich people
¶ The habits of the Rich, Middle Class and the Poor
¶ What it takes to be Rich
¶ Power investing plan
¶ Discover your Money Operating System
¶ Why the Rich get richer and the Poor gets poorer
¶ Is it possible to get rich
¶ Financial freedom - how to achieve it
¶ How to beat the rats in the Rat Race

Wealth Course™ is a financial education program that will for learning the right mindset and attitude before engaging in business and investments.

Wealth Course™ events are held at the following locations:

Ortigas, Makati City, Manila, Quezon City and Alabang

For those outside Metro Manila, Online Wealth Course are also available.

To avail this program;

Send your NAME, AGE and EMAIL to (0908) 113 7419 for seat reservations

This program is powered by Create Abundance 2020 International Network, Inc.

Monday, August 30, 2010

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